Crocus tommasinianus (Early crocus) - Stinzenplant

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On a sunny day, in early spring, the soft purple-lilac flowers of Crocus tommasinianus (Early crocus) make for a bonny sight. It is an ideal bulb for a sunny stinzen-meadow. The Early crocus combines well with Snowdrops (Galanthus), Winter aconite (Eranthis), and Spring snowflake (Leucojum vernum).

Crocus tommasinianus self seeds and naturalises well. Crocus tommasinianus is native to southeastern Europe and is named after (or by) the Austrian/Hungarian botanist Muzio Giuseppe Spirito de Tommasini (1794-1879).
Flowers: February/early March
Colour: pink
Height: 10 cm
Aspect: full sun
Soil type: no preferences
Planting period: autumn
Planting depth: three times the diameter of the bulb
Type: bulb for naturalising, stinzenplant
Origin: southeastern Europe
Bulb size: 5/+ cm (circumference)
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