Cyclamen coum (Eastern cyclamen)

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Cyclamen coum, commonly known as Eastern cyclamen, is a small spring-flowering Cyclamen with beautiful dark green, veined leaves. The Eastern cyclamen is native to southeastern Europe and to northern Iran. Cyclamen coum favours a spot in partial shade in humus-rich soil, preferably also lime-rich or loamy, and also where it won’t be over grown by other plants.

If you don't have soil rich in lime, then it's best to enrich the planting hole with leafmould (or compost) with lime and clay minerals. Be sure to mix this well in with the existing soil. Plant the corms shallowly and make sure that the roots point downwards.

Good planting companions are Snowdrops and Alpine squill.
Flowers: January/February/early March
Colour: pink
Height: 8 cm
Aspect: partial shade
Soil type: chalky (add lime to other soils)
Planting period: autumn and spring
Planting depth: three times the diameter of the corm
Type: naturalising
Origin: southeastern Europe to Iran
Bulb size: 13/+ cm (circumference)
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