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Summer snowflake, Leucojum aestivum, is a robust bulb, suitable for very wet places, such as by a pond. At De Warande, in our garden, we have sandy soil so regular extra watering is neccessary to ensure that our Summer snowflakes return year after year. In a moisture-retaining loamy or clayey soil the Summer snowflake is in its natural element and will thrive.

Leucojum aestivum is native to the floodplains of central Europe, where it even grows in thick reedbeds. Leucojum aestivum 'Gravitye Giant' was selected in the late 1800s by the Irish garden writer William Robinson. 'Gravitye Giant' is a little taller than the species, and also has larger flowers.
Flowers: April/May
Colour: white
Height: 45 cm
Aspect: full sun to partial shade
Soil type: fertile (prefers loam/clay: improve planting hole on sandy soils with clay minerals)
Planting period: autumn
Planting depth: three times the diameter of the bulb
Type: bulb for naturalising
Origin: Gravetye Manor, Sussex (UK)
Bulb size: 14/+ cm (circumference)
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