Leucojum vernum (Spring snowflake) - Stinzenplant

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Leucojum vernum, commonly known as Spring Snowflake, can get confused with the Snowdrop, which is quite understandable as they flower at the same time. However, there are a number of clear differences. The foliage of the Spring snowflake is a shiny dark green, and the flowers have a more ‘square’ appearance with green-yellow tips to the petals.

The Spring snowflake is a beautiful bulb that, when given the right planting place, is pretty easy to grow. Plant Spring snowflakes in a moisture-retaining soil (either sandy yet humus-rich, loamy or clayey). A peaty soil is also suitable.

Leucojum vernum is native to central Europe. Spring snowflake is beautiful in combination with Eranthis (Winter aconite) and Crocus tommasinianus (Early crocus).

The loose bulbs of the Spring snowflake are susceptible to drying out. We therefore pack them in a perforated bag with some earth. Please plant the bulbs as quickly as possible. The bulbs can be stored for a short while in the fridge (frost free).
Flowers: February/March
Colour: white
Height: 25 cm
Aspect: full sun to partial shade
Soil type: fertile (prefers loam/clay: improve planting hole on sandy soils with clay minerals)
Planting period: autumn
Planting depth: three times the diameter of the bulb
Type: bulb for naturalising, stinzenplant
Origin: central Europe in riverforelands
Bulb size: 8/+ cm (circumference)
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