Anemone ranunculoides (Yellow wood anemone) - Stinzenplant

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In the 70’s we visited Austria and brought back four small cuttings of Anemone ranunculoides, commonly known as Yellow anemone. We planted them in our old garden in Ewijk (The Netherlands), which has a soil rich in river clay. They loyally appeared every spring, but because of the heavy nature of the clayey ground, they didn’t establish properly. After we moved the Yellow anemone to the sandy woodland soils of De Warande, our current garden, it grew quickly; in April the Yellow anemone flowers in splendid swathes.

The Yellow anemone is especially ideal for under deciduous trees and shrubs. On clayey ground the soil must be improved (loosened) before planting the rhizomes. Mix in wood chips and leafmould. Yellow anemone and Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) makes for a lovely planting combination. This anemone increases mainly by producing more rhizomes, and is native to Europe.

The loose rhizomes of Anemone ranunculoides are prone to drying out: we therefore pack them in a perforated bag with soil. Please plant them as quickly as possible. However, if neccessary they can be stored for a short while in the fridge (frost free!).
Flowers: end of March/April
Colour: yellow
Height: 10 cm
Aspect: no preference
Soil type: loose, humus-rich soil
Planting period: autumn and spring
Planting depth: 3 cm
Type: naturalising, stinzenplant
Origin: southern Europe
Bulb size: root stocks measure at least 1 cm long and have a growth point
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