Ornithogalum balansae (Star of Bethlehem) - Stinzenplant

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Ornithogalum balansae, commonly known as Star of Bethlehem, has compact flowers that are a beautiful white and green. Ornithogalum balansae flowers in early spring - in March- and is a robust bulb. We planted this Star of Bethlehem at De Warande, in our garden, in 2011 and flowers every spring!

Ornithogalum balansae is native to northeastern Turkey where it grows high up in the mountains, at about 2500m altititude. Prefers a rather sunny aspect.
Flowers: April
Colour: white/green
Height: 10 cm
Aspect: full sun to partial shade
Soil type: fertile
Planting period: autumn
Planting depth: three times the diameter of the bulb
Type: bulb for naturalising, stinzenplant
Origin: northeastern Turkey
Bulb size: 6/+ cm (circumference)
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