Allium ursinum (Seeds) (Wild Garlic/Ramsons) - Stinzenplant

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The leaves of Allium ursinum, commonly known as ramsons or wild garlic, are edible and make a tasty addition to a cheese sandwich, a salad or to mashed potato. This species spreads readily, so give it plenty of room. Wild garlic flowers a beautiful white in April. As with other stinzenplants the foliage dies back after flowering. It therefore combines well with large-leaved perennials, such as Rodgersia and Darmera, as from May onwards the large leaves will cover where the ramsons has been.

Please note: Give ramsons its own patch where it can run rampant. Due to its dominant nature it’s unwise to plant ramsons in a bulb meadow; it will dominate in only 5 years.

Allium ursinum is native to Europe and western Asia.

Flowers: April
Colour: white
Height: 20 cm
Aspect: partial shade to full shade
Soil type: moist, chalky
Planting period: can be sown year round
Planting depth: -
Type: naturalising, stinzenplant
Origin: Europe and western Asia
Bulb size: -
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