Cyclamen hederifolium (Ivy leaved cyclamen )

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Cyclamen hederifolium, or Ivy leaved cyclamen, is a robust and hardy Cyclamen. The flowering period begins in August, during which the leaves, veined white, develop. Cyclamens grow best on a lime-rich, loamy soil. To grow healthy Cyclamen on other soil types add leafmould (or compost) with lime and clay minerals.

Plant the corm at a depth of about 3cm, placing it straight up (the roots and shoot of Ivy leaved cyclamen are both on the top), but also a little slanting, so that water can’t collect on its top. Ivy leaved cyclamen prefer a well drained soil.

The Ivy leaved cyclamen is native to southern Europe.
Flowers: August/September/October
Colour: pink
Height: 10 cm
Aspect: partial shade
Soil type: chalky (add lime to other soils)
Planting period: autumn and spring
Planting depth: one time the diameter of the bulb
Type: naturalising
Origin: southern Europe
Bulb size: 20/+ cm (circumference)
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