Tuinieren met Stinzenplanten

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Discover the beauty and cheer of early spring, every year, by using stinzenplants.
Author: Trudi Woerdeman
Language: Dutch
Book with hardcover and in full colour Size: 29 x 24 cm
Length: 160 pages
Price: € 35.00 excluding delivery costs

Stinzenplants (derivative of the Friesian word ‘Stins’ meaning ‘stone house’) are a unique collection of plants - mostly bulbs - which are suitable for naturalising. Stinzenplants have been planted around manor houses and country estates in Friesland, a region in the north of the Netherlands, for centuries. Examples of stinzenplants are: Snowdrops, Early crocuses, Wood and Yellow anemones, Bluebells and Ramsons. And that is to name but a few; there are many more! Every spring colourful carpets of these stinzenplants can be found under the trees of historical parks in the Netherlands. Their spring beauty is irresistible.

But you don’t have to own a manor house to use stinzenplants: this book is an inspiration and guide for growing stinzenplants under trees and shrubs in your own garden. Trudi Woerdeman en Hein Koningen, experts in the field of stinzenplants, describe the history of stinzenplants, how to design a garden using them, and give practical planting and maintenance tips.. The stunning, dream-like photos of flowering stinzenplants, taken by Geert Overmars, shall enthuse any plant lover to want to recreate their beauty at home. The book also lists the most beautiful and suitable stinzenplants for the private garden.

Gardening with stinzenplants is a small-scale form of historical and ecological gardening, and is a lot easier than you may think!
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